Recitation: Maqam Bayat

Bayat, is a common maqam in Quran recitals, Adhan and Qasidas such as

  • PDF | MP3 Bushra lana
  • PDF | MP3 Ya Imam al-Rusli
  • PDF | MP3 Alah Allah – Fi Rabi´in
  • PDF | MP3 Ya Bani al-Mustafa
  • PDF | MP3 Qul Ya ´Azhim
  • PDF | MP3 Aghithna
  • PDF | MP3 Hubb al-Nabi wal Ali Dini
  • PDF | MP3 Ahmad ya Habibi
  • PDF | MP3 Ahmad ya Habibi
  • PDF | Youtube Ya Ajmal al-Anbia
  • The scale (sullam)

    While learning, it may be useful to focus entirely on one single maqam for some period, and to to stick to one tone, namely D for Bayat.

    MP3 Bayat scale


    There are two main modulations, called Shuri and Husaayni – i suggest not to listen to them, until the basic (asli) maqam is chrystal clear. Also to appretiate this, one needs to over the ajnas involved (ajnas are partial scales) – i.e. Nawahwand (for the asl), Hijaz and Rast.

    Modulatiosn of the Scale_of Bayat (musical script, jpg)

    Bayati scales and their ajnas + lots of examples
    This is very useful: a modulation played on 3oud with detailed analysis (see bottom of the page:


    More examples:


    General resourses:

    Sami Abu Shumay


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